More tomorrow. WITH DRAWINGS!!

Those were the last words of the last post from ELEVEN days ago. Been BUSY! Just a reminder that I’m not in control of my tomorrows. Jesus is.

But we were talking about divorce and I think a key take away, especially in light of today’s blog, would have been this:

Over the years, as people have quit caring for and fearing God in a respectful way, those things he’s instituted, like marriage, have begun to crumble. And since marriage is a building block of a healthy society, it’s no wonder that our society has begun to crumble as well, like a house with a crumbling foundation.

So I thought that maybe some simple sketches would help show how this break down happens over generations. They say a picture is worth 1000 words. I don’t think that number is accurate. It’s probably closer to 850 to 875 words but I quibble. As far as understanding divorce’s effect on the crumbling of our society, maybe some simple sketches will help:

abbaThis is God’s plan for marriage and the family. The whole family on Jesus, the ROCK and a firm foundation. A strong Mom and Dad supporting the rest of the family.







And there a certain things only a Mom can teach a little boy and there certain things only a Mom can teach a little girl. And there are certain things only a Dad can teach a little girl and there a certain things only a Dad can teach a little boy. In God’s plan, a fully formed human being needs the healthy and full influence of a Mom and the healthy and full influence of a Dad.

SOCIETYThen this is a society where the building blocks are firm. Marriage is cherished and respected and God’s authority and plan is followed. This was our society up until 70 years or so ago. I know it’s not this cut and dried but society was much stronger and we were much stronger, in every way, as a country when God’s plan of marriage was respected and cared for.


FAMILY BROKEAnd here you have the brokenness of a family where the parents have divided. I chose the Mom leaving because that was my experience but far more often than not, it’s the Dad. Mom and Dad have already done most of the growing and the developing of character they are probably going to do in themselves but when little one’s are involved it can be devastating for them and the formation of their little psyches and how they will love and who they will love and how they interact with humanity and how they may feel about God. I know that as I watched my family implode and experienced and observed the effects it had on my siblings, I began to feel that whoever was in charge of the Cosmos must not have cared very much about me or my siblings. I was wrong about that.

WORLD'S PLANSo then where will what the Mommy needs to teach the child come from. And the Dad. Who will model what a father, and husband and a man should be. God’s plan has always been obvious for thousands of years until now and suddenly we’re so smart? Take a look around. Take a listen around, if that makes sense. We’re not Evolving, we’re DEvolving and a rapid pace.

SOCIETY BROKENAnd now this. Our society is falling apart. I could give you a lot of statistics and numbers that show how many folks come from broken homes or are fatherless. You’ve experienced the number of people addicted to drugs. You’ve seen the immorality run amok. Divorce. It doesn’t just wreck lives, it wrecks societies. There is no natural disaster, their is no war, their is no plague that has done the damage to humanity that divorce has done.

Malachi 2:16– For I hate divorce,” says the Lord, the God of Israel, “and him who covers his garment with wrong,” says the Lord of hosts. “So take heed to your spirit, that you do not deal treacherously.”










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